Our Mission

To provide a place for everyone to play hockey.

To build a team through relationships, sportsmanship and good teamwork.

To teach those who don’t know the game how to play it and help those who play it achieve whatever goal for which they strive to achieve.





Photo Jul 26, 5 19 40 AMWhen sled hockey came to Dallas in 1999, only a few individuals suited up and hopped on a sled. Just the most basic equipment was available and many people haveĀ come and gone throughout the years.

Fast forward 11 years and the DFW Sled Hockey team has built up a reputation of being one of the best teams in the nation each year, winning countless games at club tournaments and producing four Paralympic gold medalists.

We hit hard, skate quick and leave our opponents something to remember us by — a wide margin on the scoreboard. But most importantly, we have a blast whenever we’re at home. … oh, ahem … on the ice.

Photo Jul 26, 5 29 02 AMSled hockey is a sport for everyone, although it was designed with the knowledge that not everyone can skate.

The premise of the game is exactly the same as ice hockey with a few equipment modifications.

Instead of skating on two legs, the player sits in a seat mounted onto a tubular frame with two skates mounted directly underneath the bucket. To propel himself or herself, the plants two sticks with metal picks on the bottom into the ice and pushes. At the top of those sticks are modified hockey blades.

While we understand hockey is not the sport for everyone (especially not in Texas), we can guarantee that you will have a blast playing with us.

At the moment we are in our off-season. However, we are looking to add new members to our team. Please drop us a line if you want to give sled hockey a shot or if you have any questions.